Monday, 17 February 2014

Healthy heart and a healthy body

Be sure to follow the type of moles on the skin: Research indicates that the ability to observations of changes in the various moles on the skin increased by 13% and that careful observation avoids cancer.
Dental hygiene:

Be careful to avoid wetting toothbrush with water before placing them where the putty dry brush increases the possibility of getting rid of the plaque by 67% and I know that the safety of the heart start of the teeth.
Sleep well: eating apples to combat insomnia and sleep deeply Sleeping helps fight premature aging and maintain youthful skin.

Replace white bread for brown: brown bread (whole wheat) contains a greater proportion of dietary fiber, and thus is more capable of saturation, and the carbohydrates found in white bread cause large fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Drink green tea: try eating a cup of green tea a day, which prevents oxidation in the cells of the body, and reduces the possibility of cancer.

Eating fish once a week: Although specialists recommend eating two servings of fish per week, but that eating one serving can help to improve the balance of brain chemicals, fish and beneficial to the health of the heart and brain.

Stop nail biting: the habit spoils the beauty of your hands and may cause cracks in teeth minute, raising the possibility of being infected with caries may lead to small tears in the gums may cause sores and infections.

The use of lasers to treat scars may cause genetic abnormalities

Become a beauty and attention to the external appearance obsession to some degree by some to resort to the use of lasers and light gleams to hide some flaws, which may not be bad form, and within that the use of laser in the treatment of birthmarks and scars.
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Consultant dermatologists; the use of lasers in the elimination of birthmarks have unsatisfactory results despite being birthmarks reduces, but does not completely masked by the high cost of this there is no access to the desired results. 

He has warned of the danger of the use of laser in the treatment of birthmarks and private birthmarks deep beneath the dermis because if he reached high temperature and destroyed completely, then this will lead to scarring and deformities, the birthmarks in above the dermis has been observed and the presence of effective results through the use of acids chemical cheap and given the same result, which gives the laser.

As for the use of lasers for the treatment of capillaries, it is proven that it reduces those capillaries but
come back after a period in the same places or other places as a result of the presence of Varicose Veins, which is either hereditary or acquired or physiological result of the large number of pregnancies in women that lead to the composition, and the use of laser for the treatment of acne has been proven that it gives positive results in some cases, which is that possible to deal with drugs, creams and antibiotics and be much less than the cost of the laser.

In some cases, difficult and extreme result is unsatisfactory or there are no significant results, but the patient may cost a big price to no avail, preferably topical therapy and oral medications, even if that treatment lasted for months.

Do you know what the benefits of thyme for your skin and hairs?

The thyme of aromatic plants with a beautiful smell, and is often used for food, as well as medical benefits of thyme, for example, works on the treatment of infections, and relaxes the nerves, as well as all of the benefits are aesthetic also of thyme, both skin and hair, what are these Benefits??
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Thyme for many benefits the most important treatment of damaged hair
The therapeutic benefits of herbs

Mask thyme to lighten the color of your skin: Mix a tablespoon of thyme and dry milled teaspoon of olive oil well,

 and when you get a combination coherent, stratified on your face, and leave for half an hour, then wash with water lukewarm, and you can repeat this catcher every day over a period of 10 days, can also thyme oil that moisturizes your face from time to time, as it is helpful in cleansing the skin from bacteria and dirt.
Natural herbs Benefits aesthetic and healthy!

Mask water thyme for your hair: Crush thyme leaves green even enjoy, and then mix it in a cup of cold water, thyme Soak for 24 hours until fully resolves.

The next day, the water from the sediment descriptive thyme leaves and on your scalp, massaging your head well and leave water thyme for 30 minutes, gay to this recipe a day before to sleep, it's very useful.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

simple steps beautify the face divisions

Choose two degrees of cream base and one the same color as your skin is darker, and the other two degrees.
for slimming broad nose, Put cream foundation light on the greatness of the nose only then draw two lines on both sides of the nose painted dark so that begin and end with the eyebrow when at the edge of the nose.

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To shorten the long nose: Put cream foundation dark at the edge of the nose only then the rest of the nose Complete with light cream.
To highlight the cheeks:

Makeup tricks to beautify the face divisions
Large area of the cheeks or cheek is notable flaw easy makeup can get rid of it by red cheeks but what is important is the size of the brush that you place in small tray in Powder Blush is not suitable and also very large brush is not suitable.

Choose a medium-sized brush and Put powder blush on the cheeks and forehead and chin embryo-plastic halo of color highlight the
Makeup tricks to beautify the face divisions
As for the big lips you can specify addressed by identifying and light in color with a layer of light-colored lipstick like normal grades of pink and peach and brown. Avoid grades completely dark because it will appear lips Larger than it already is.

Your lips though small in size, you can create the effect as the largest selected from the outside by the use of dark and lip gloss to look like a full and more attractive.
If your forehead and square chin petition, it means that your face is square or rectangle close. Therefore you need to makeup gives you a face using circular preparations illuminate the face and give him the required rotation by playing the light and shade.

Put the cream base on the dark line of hair growth and on the borders of the jaws to alleviate the funniest face.

Use Blush slightly darker than the color of your skin and distribute them so that gives your face rotated, i.e. my red cheeks in small quantities on the cheeks, starting from the ears down to the greatness of the chin, and then my color with a small amount also on your forehead and the corners of the face close to the roots of the hair.

Makeup tricks to beautify the face divisionsp-joey atlas reviews

Makeup tricks to beautify the face divisions
From the standpoint of beauty experts, there is no clear definition and agreed to the features of the ideal face is nice, but what are unanimous on is that subdivisions ideal for the face are those that seem inconsistent with each other according to the standard pro-rata in the first place.

And even if they were not your facial features entirely consistent with each other or do you feel the need to adjust your features to a nicer manifested in pictures or in the evening, you can achieve it with some tricks make-up simple and smart. Which can in the following points?
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Makeup tricks to beautify the face divisions
You can highlight the eyes narrow to look brighter and more spacious and attractive by identifying the internal parts of the eyes by ITER glossy.

 Put another layer of it on the blades eyebrow then put a layer of eyes on the bottom of the region to get rid of dark spots and then highlight the eye. Ended put a layer of mascara to the eyelashes curly black or dark brown
To minimize eye wide

If your eyes wide and large, make sure to always identified from the inside, not the outside so as not to seem larger than it is, but if this is your goal. Use dark colors and shades of the eyelids and national drag out.

Makeup tricks to beautify the face divisions
Broad nose or big flaw is not in itself so long as it is consistent with the rest of your face.

 But if you would like to be highlighted so that they look smaller or higher without resorting to cosmetic, you can follow the play base color, any identifying features of the face of large color darker than the natural color of the skin to create an effect that makes it look smaller.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

We can learn something from all these diets

Were Dr. Frank, Montana, Sonja Bakker and all the others there all next?
"We can learn something from all these diets, for example, that thickens too much fat in the eating," Satrap writing and Bits.

The same applies to refined grain products like white bread and white pasta. "More protein does us good, but one-sided, extreme menu is in any case not the solution."
Then what does help?
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Satrap, Danish food scientist, suggested by a large European study found that the key lies in a diet that contains more protein than the modern Western diet. It is also important to choose carbohydrates that do not let the blood sugar spikes, too fast so that a feeling of satiety persists.

How did he know that?

The researchers divided the study participants, all overweight people, different groups. After a few weeks to lose weight each group was given six months prescribed a different diet.

Only one diet was found to prevent weight gain with high and carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed by the intestines and prolonged saturation.

Participants who followed this diet, lost another 0.5 pounds, while participants in the other groups arrived in a half on average almost one kilo. That first group also showed remarkably least dropouts.

The best diet in the world to lose weight

The best diet in the world to lose weight without bad effects
The best diet in the world to lose weight without bad effect - Arne Satrap and Christian Bits, authors of diet cookbook "The best diet in the world."  Image of book reviewed

Arne Satrap and Christian Bits, authors of diet cookbook "The best diet in the world." image of book reviewed
"The best diet in the world."
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 That title pretends a lot. The authors are therefore convinced that someone who follow their advice, need to buy. Slimming no other book more "Without strict restrictions or dispense."
That sounds too good to be true. How do the authors now that their approach works?

One of them, Arne Satrap, is nutrition scientist at the Danish University of Copenhagen. He has-a study in eight European countries, investigated the optimal diet for people who have lost weight and want to stay with a 'normal' diet on weight.

No extreme dieting?
No, the authors believe it is important that someone enjoys eating and getting enough.

"If you only eat cabbage, you will definitely lose weight. But our goal is just to push aside such extreme diets and find delicious food and still lose weight. Several natural ways (...) This is very important to keep. "Healthy lifestyle full