Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How can a brain hemorrhage caused by cracking?

How big are the risks?
"International figures show that the high cervical manipulation has few risks. The risk of stroke is extremely small.

To 1 in 800,000 treatments went wrong and there was a brain hemorrhage. The chances of this appear to be smaller than swallowing palace tamale or by participating in traffic. "
How can a brain hemorrhage caused by cracking?
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"On the inside of the vertebrae on both sides of a blood vessel runs. The upper vertebra, the atlas, is wider than the other cervical vertebrae, so that these blood vessels to make a bend.

Movements can there be more demandingAnd riskier if there is calcification or a natural deviation of the blood vessel.

The health of a blood vessel determines what can go wrong.

Clinicians try to connect through research and through a conversation with a patient. Risks as much as possible because risks are not 100 percent be ruled out and the fact that manual therapists can apply a proven effective alternative treatment technique the board of the NVMT has a draft advice given to the members. Our starting point is that we choose the patients and thus for the safer technology.
What good alternative is to crack?
"By not making. A small, fast moving A manual therapist places his hands on the neck, but exerts pressure on the vertebrae, but no acceleration as cracking. He lets the neck also rotate, but the jerk is no longer the loop.

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