Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Learn ways to treat disease hyper-hidrosis hands

Some diseases represent an embarrassment for patients, including disease hyper-hidrosis, what methods of treatment of this disease?

Responded to this consultation, consultant thoracic surgery and vascular surgery, natural human contains his body on the regulator to temperatures which helps to regulate the output, including race, which is controlled by nerve, which more or less according to several factors such as activity exerted, such as exposure to a high temperature or exercise, or strong emotion, it all natural.
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Added that the patient's hyper-hidrosis, is a disorder of the nervous system, and did not discover until now the cause of this disorder, but it causes the increasing rate of sweat from the normal, which is the injury affects less than 1% of the world's population, he said, adding that such injury often show in childhood and increases in the teens, and represent those injury problems to deal with in writing or dealing with electronic devices such as computers, in addition to the social problems they cause patient handshake for fear of exposure to cash.

He said Abdullah The hyper-hidrosis appears under the armpits, and soles of the feet, and face, thighs, and hands, he said, adding that there are several types of hyper-hidrosis, and it is often genetically, and be the cause of excessive sweating is not known, the second type is hyper-hidrosis secondary, The output of this type because of other diseases, as problems thyroid.

The treatment of hyper-hidrosis has more than one type, there are drug treatments, which include giving the patient injected botulinum, which takes in the place which you are infected from hyper-hidrosis, and often show results within a day or three, in addition to that there are some medicines objectivity which prevent the race by 30 to 50%, in addition to some of the drugs that are taken by mouth and contribute to alleviate hyper-hidrosis, especially among those suffering from hyper-hidrosis year, there are a last resort, a solution through surgical stapling nerve.

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