Wednesday, 12 February 2014

We can learn something from all these diets

Were Dr. Frank, Montana, Sonja Bakker and all the others there all next?
"We can learn something from all these diets, for example, that thickens too much fat in the eating," Satrap writing and Bits.

The same applies to refined grain products like white bread and white pasta. "More protein does us good, but one-sided, extreme menu is in any case not the solution."
Then what does help?
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Satrap, Danish food scientist, suggested by a large European study found that the key lies in a diet that contains more protein than the modern Western diet. It is also important to choose carbohydrates that do not let the blood sugar spikes, too fast so that a feeling of satiety persists.

How did he know that?

The researchers divided the study participants, all overweight people, different groups. After a few weeks to lose weight each group was given six months prescribed a different diet.

Only one diet was found to prevent weight gain with high and carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed by the intestines and prolonged saturation.

Participants who followed this diet, lost another 0.5 pounds, while participants in the other groups arrived in a half on average almost one kilo. That first group also showed remarkably least dropouts.

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