Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cure for common disease

Scientists and researchers to discover a cure for the disease is directly related to mood, "Aker" which caused cases of chronic depression, nervousness and other negative effects experienced by the patient. The doctors at the clinic, "Mayo Clinic" of America, that the disease was named Aker mood to, where the disease affects the parts of the brain, especially those parts responsible for the control of emotions and ideas.
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The researchers pointed out in a statement issued by the Clinic, "Mayo Clinic" that causes disease complex, involving many things such as hormonal and genetic makeup of the individual, in addition to a number of environmental factors surrounding the patient.

And refers to the doctors that the disease can be inferred by several symptoms such as a patient to undergo periods of severe depression associated with cases of hallucinations and light, which leads to the formation of a state of mood Aker are increasingly upward and then stop suddenly to come back again some time.

A doctor specializing in mental health for CNN: "From other marks which can be inferred by the injury to the individual disease lies in the lack of a sense of individual differences and temporal climatic changes in addition to the time differences between the seasons of the year.

It is noteworthy that American actress Catherine Zeta-Jones was one of the victims of the disease mood Aker, where it was processed successfully, the actress back to her normal life without any disturbances healthy.

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