Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Disease is not contagious and can get rid of it permanently - Vixen

Vixen disease is not contagious and does not cause any health problem or membership of the injured, and cannot develop into a malignant disease last this word began completed the" advisory dermatology and cosmetic surgery and laser for modern disease alopecia.

Fully explained, that the disease is divided into several types, including:
Including specific topical or which affects a small portion of the scalp
This affects the whole head Best Cellulite Programs
And what affects hair in areas of the body such as the eyebrows, armpits and pubic hair.
He completed a non-contagious disease that is not transmitted using the same personal belongings of the patient.

And the causes were several explanations for this disease, particularly mentioning what affects the head full of the presence of a psychiatric condition causing this or problems with the thyroid gland, but the scientific explanation unacceptable for this disease is a problem in the immune system, which means that there are antibodies in the body attacking the follicles hair, and it produces lymphocytes that secrete around hair follicles chemicals that destroy the follicles that causes hair loss.

He completed the basic problem in this disease is the improvement of the situation, and after a period of treatment and stop returning the situation to its previous status and treatment is as follows:
Taking the tablets or cortisone injection in the muscle, where they help the growth of hair and be under the supervision of a doctor.

Paints the spot, where a type of eczema caused contactless scalp causing hair growth, and comes with good results in the case of alopecia full, but you need to six months to get good results.

Local injection of cortisone into the scalp concentration of 1 to 8
After you get hair and dark forces and the growth of the hair for a period after the treatment must continue the work of therapy sessions ultraviolet light on the scalp, so that helps to install the hair and hair loss not the last time.

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