Monday, 17 February 2014

The use of lasers to treat scars may cause genetic abnormalities

Become a beauty and attention to the external appearance obsession to some degree by some to resort to the use of lasers and light gleams to hide some flaws, which may not be bad form, and within that the use of laser in the treatment of birthmarks and scars.
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Consultant dermatologists; the use of lasers in the elimination of birthmarks have unsatisfactory results despite being birthmarks reduces, but does not completely masked by the high cost of this there is no access to the desired results. 

He has warned of the danger of the use of laser in the treatment of birthmarks and private birthmarks deep beneath the dermis because if he reached high temperature and destroyed completely, then this will lead to scarring and deformities, the birthmarks in above the dermis has been observed and the presence of effective results through the use of acids chemical cheap and given the same result, which gives the laser.

As for the use of lasers for the treatment of capillaries, it is proven that it reduces those capillaries but
come back after a period in the same places or other places as a result of the presence of Varicose Veins, which is either hereditary or acquired or physiological result of the large number of pregnancies in women that lead to the composition, and the use of laser for the treatment of acne has been proven that it gives positive results in some cases, which is that possible to deal with drugs, creams and antibiotics and be much less than the cost of the laser.

In some cases, difficult and extreme result is unsatisfactory or there are no significant results, but the patient may cost a big price to no avail, preferably topical therapy and oral medications, even if that treatment lasted for months.

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